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Hi! We are Ian and Jaclyn!

Hey there! We're Ian and Jaclyn, the dynamic duo behind Turner photo and film. Let's kick off with a warm introduction from yours truly—hi, I'm Jaclyn, the founder and creative force fueling behind the camera as your photographer. A Southern California native, I hail from a lively family of six, complete with three brothers and myself as the lone girl—quite the adventure! Whether I'm immersing in the great outdoors, recording a podcast episode, exploring global wonders, or relishing the magic of Disneyland—sign me up for all things thrilling and extraordinary. I've been wielding a camera since my earliest memories, capturing moments and crafting fun videos. At 14, I dove into the world of YouTube, and fast forward to now, I'm still that same spirited girl both in front of and behind the lens. Following high school graduation, my journey led me to Utah for college, where I started working at Chick fil a. Unbeknownst to me at the time, it was at this workplace that I crossed paths with Ian—my husband and the other creative half of our team. In November 2019, that's when I had the joy of saying 'I do' to my sweetheart, and from there, our love story continues to unfold. Now, let's turn the spotlight to Ian and his incredible journey!

Ian also grew up in Southern California, just 20 minutes away from me (though amusingly, we didn’t know one another until meeting in Utah). Now, happily settled in Northern Utah, we've come to adore the beauty of this place. In Ian’s free time you could probably find him drawing, playing pickleball, and playing the guitar. In recent years, Ian discovered a new passion for film and documenting moments. This led him to join the team as our talented videographer. Together, we've uncovered a shared passion for capturing love authentically. Our goal is not just to be your photographer and videographer but also your friends in the journey. Your photos and videos are a visual narrative of your unique story, and we are dedicated to preserving the genuine connections between you and your loved ones, creating timeless memories that last a lifetime. So, why wait? Let's embark on this incredible journey together and capture your moments in a way that truly reflects the magic of your story.

Hey everyone! We are so happy you are here, and wanted to give a little introduction. 

                candid & DOCUMENTARY STYLE                  

                candid & DOCUMENTARY STYLE                  


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Embark on a journey with us! If your love story is unfolding in one of our dream destinations, you'll receive $400 off on your preferred package. Connect with us today to explore how we can transform your global adventure into a captivating story for you to forever cherish.



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Love Notes

Jaclyn and Ian are literally the BEST people on this planet to work with! They make you feel so comfortable and make taking pictures fun!!! The fact that you only have to find ONE place to get both picture and videography is A-MAZ-ING! They are so kind and loving and are just a joy to work with! They listen to your wants and make it happen! We will cherish these pictures and the video for our entire lives and can’t wait for the day when we get to share them with generations to come! 

"Jaclyn and Ian are literally the BEST people on this planet to work with!!"

Chelsea & Ryan

Love Notes

My husband and I couldn’t ever picture someone else doing our engagements and wedding with us. Jaclyn and Ian are such an amazing duo and made us feel so comfortable from start to finish. She helped us with poses. When it came to the wedding day there was absolutely no stress or concerns when it came from Ian doing the videography and Jaclyn taking the photos. They took charge of everything and were able to document such an amazingly beautiful day. Highly recommend them. Lovely couple with wholesome personalities. Beyond grateful to get to know them!

"Jaclyn and Ian are such an amazing duo!"

Jordyn & River

Love Notes

My husband and I hired Turner Photo & Film for our wedding this past September 2023. They by far exceeded our expectations in every way! They were very commutative, accommodating, professional, and captured our day perfectly. We HIGHLY recommend Turner Photo & Film for any occasion!!enough and hope they can photograph more of our future events!

"They by far exceeded our expectations in every way!"

Emma & Steven